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PO Box 261

Flintstone, GA 30725

Who we are:

We are a specialized team of careful, yet efficient, playground installers. We take pride in our work and take the safety of playgrounds very seriously. 

  • CPSI: Certified Playground Safety Inspector

  • RISC: Recreation Installation Specialist Certification

  • Certified by many of the nations largest playground manufactures

What we do:

Commercial Playground:




  • The playground will meet the standards of both the ASTM 1487-07 and CPSC Handbook.

  • Your playground will be installed with a strict adherence to the Manufacturers Installation Instructions.

Photo Gallery

See our full portfolio of beautifully installed playgrounds!

We are a national and international playground installation company in business since 1999 and have installed over 1000 playgrounds in over 35 states as well as Japan, Puerto Rico, and Honduras.  Our work includes installations from small school projects to large city parks.

All Installations are in compliance with manufacturer's installation instructions and National CPSC and ASTM 1487 standards.

Playground Installation:

While playground installation is not rocket science, it is a highly specialized area of construction with its own set of rules and standards. As playgrounds are locations of great excitement and fun, they are also designed to challenge children both mentally and physically, while doing so in a safe environment.

The world of playgrounds is governed by two national standards, the ASTM 1487-07 and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Public Playground Safety Handbook. While these standards are voluntary guidelines, they are the standards by the courts of the U.S. rule. We see playgrounds that have been installed by volunteer groups, maintenance crews and other construction companies who have no understanding of playground safety or standards. The result is often dangerous situations such as entrapments, entanglements, and inadequate fall zones. 

This is where Hammer Down Outdoor Creations comes in. We have a keen understanding of playgrounds and their particular standards. We guarantee two important items; 


  • Your playground will meet the standards of both the ASTM 1487-07 and CPSC Public Playground Safety Handbook

  • Your playground will be installed with a strict adherence to the Manufacturers Installation Instructions.

Playground Relocation:

When schools need to add classrooms, there is usually a playground sitting right where they want to build. In this scenario there are few options. The first option is to demo the equipment. More often than not, the playground equipment is in the way or is quality equipment with many years of service left in it, making this an undesirable option. 

Next, is the option of having the General Contractor relocate the equipment. To the GC, the playground equipment is an obstacle in the way of the new wing he is contracted to build. He then brings out the chains and back hoe and commences to yank the playground out of the ground and pile the equipment out of his way, leaving the school to find someone to reassemble the mess that used to be their playground. In the process, posts are bent, scratched and dented, decks are warped and slides are broken. We have seen this numerous times over the years.

The best option is to call Hammer Down. We understand the value and importance of existing playgrounds to an owner. We take great pride and care in the relocation of your equipment. While no one can guarantee that there will be absolutely no damage during an extraction and relocation., we have developed tactics, such as soft strap pole extraction, that allow us to minimize and , in most circumstances, to eliminate damage to your expensive playground equipment. More often than not, the re-installation is a higher quality than the original installation.

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